Tubz Business Bundles

At Tubz Australia we specialise in helping start up vending businesses as well as helping existing vendors expand into new vending markets with our fantastic range of unique products and services. This together with our excellent customer support, helps ensure that our clients have continued growth improving their turnover and profits.

Customer Care

After agreeing on your area and the number of TUBZ vending towers we then find suitable businesses in the area. This is then passed on to our marketing department who contact prospective outlets. The site then has to meet our strict check list of criteria before it is deemed acceptable. Tubz Australia marketing team are experienced and are very good at placing the towers in various industries to ensure maximum exposure. The site is then offered for you to check the site details. The sites are then passed on to you ready for the vending tower installation. Then all you have to do is refill the Tubz towers and collect the profits It’s as simple as that!

Selling Price (products) $2.00
Average Cost of Product $0.93
Outlet (site) Commission @ 15% (10% if Charity) $0.30 ($0.20)
Net Profit per Unit to you $0.77 ($0.87)

Tubz Package Turn Over Per Annum:

Net income 20 Bundle 30 Bundle 40 Bundle 50 Bundle
10 Sales per week $20,800 $31,200 $41,600 $52,000
20 sales per week $41,600 $62,400 $83,200 $104,000
30 Sales per week $62,400 $93,600 $124,800 $156,000
40 sales per week $83,200 $124,800 $166,400 $208,000

Tubz Package Net Profit Per Annum:

Sales per week 20 Bundle 30 Bundle 40 Bundle 50 Bundle
10 Sales per week $15,808 $23,712 $31,616 $39,520
20 Sales per week $31,616 $47,424 $63,232 $79,040
30 Sales Per week $47,424 $71,136 $94,848 $118,560
40 Sales per week $63,232 $94,848 $126,464 $158,080

These figures are in no way a guarantee, of average sales/profit as the efforts of the licence operator have a direct effect on the average sales achieved. i.e. frequency of refilling, changing over product lines, doubling up on bestselling lines, correct use of marketing, efficient route planning……

The Tubz package

Per Tower price after initial bundle has been purchased will be approximately $575.00 + GST
20 Bundle: 20 Towers, 20 Floor Stands
20 Boxes of Stock, 14 Sites Found
Contact Us For Price
and More Information
30 Bundle: 30 Towers, 30 Floor Stands
30 Boxes of Stock, 20 Sites Found
Contact Us For Price
and More Information
40 Bundle: 40 Towers, 40 Floor Stands
40 Boxes of stock, 25 Sites Found
Contact Us For Price
and More Information
50 Bundle: 50 Towers, 50 Floor Stands
50 Boxes of Stock, 30 Sites Found
Contact Us For Price
and More Information

Also included in every bundle:

• T-shirts
• Caps
• Cooler Boxes
• Free delivery
• After care
• Products
• Towers and stands
• Sticker Sets
• Apple Ipad mini­
• Vending System
• Marketing materials
• Business cards
• Sites
• Keys
• All Legal fees

To discuss your interest further please do not hesitate to contact us

Or simply fill in the boxes at the top of the website and we will contact you directly.

What's Next?

If you would like to become a valued member of the Tubz Australia Partnership simply contact us by phone to discuss your business needs. Our friendly customer service team will ensure you get a tailor made business package, hassle free and guaranteed to start earning you cash from day one.

Phone us now on +61 434 681 243 for and informal chat and we will answer any questions you may have about our services or products.

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